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attacked by acute rheumatism which gradually merged into
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treatment. It may reasonably be expected that the natural
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with abundant granulous and oily matter. These are all
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of the spleen so that the former had been thus singularly stretched
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Thomas H. aged was admitted into St. George s Hospital
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laceration of the brain in which cerebral symptoms have not super
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wards by pressure applied to different parts in succession.
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Hatch lie referred to Dr. Davey and he saw that in his evidence
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on the respective mortality of Natural small pox Small
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local signs as well as their occasional modification by
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lived about half an hour the death piobably being occasioned by
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In two months from this date June fcetal respiration
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an approach of death no matter whether it concerned a fibre or
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The following is a specimen of the cases given bj our
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urgent j she dozed at times and passed altogether a quieter night
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nebula. His sight with this eye is very imperfect but im
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pallid and presenting also a somewhat icteroid tinge severe and
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or three weeks during the dressing of the slump noticed
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part of the lining membrane and in the muscular or peritoneal
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bulky muscles presenting nothing that can be distinctly seized or
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sitive apparatus is not commensurate with the evidence of
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lant but its use is injurious where there is plethora and irritation.
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Gairdner referred to the views he had expressed in his recent Work
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Mr. Cumming of Buxton Derbyshire by drowning. Ou Friday
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very rare and thus denounce the erroneous assertion that this
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pressed his belief that the augmented volume of the lung is