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against the lower surface of the tumour and will grooved its
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and that he pay ten guineas to the College. The Council
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to the treatment of other exhausting diseases erysipelas
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found a tumour in the vagina which resembled a polypus. The
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subject in the living state he having studied.them under Dr.
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exposed the trachea. A good deal of bleeding now took place and
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in a slight degree unless previous pcritonaeal inflammation
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Medical men alone can judge of many of these qualities and if
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to Buit the Prescriber for Comparison and the Dispenser for Compounding
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Mr. Solly remarked that it was interesting to notice how much
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during the first part of the time she is horseing but near
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by his colleague Mr..Moore at the Middlesex Hospital in a case
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detail their fre uency given numerically their causation ex
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disease in a manner which renders his book peculiarly useful to the
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one would argue prima facie that the rectffin should be let
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which undergo some singular metamorphoses which are not
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Medical Societies and even some of the corporate bodies who have
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period he shall fall in with them or solve the intolerable mystery
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knowledge of all the symptoms it may induce. The possible con
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this filter on which is collected the sediment of the urine
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of the cysts. In many of the cysts the fluid was pale brown
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This is the sixth. time the operation has been performed in the
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conceive to be an injustice to the great body of members
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uterus it is said apparently depended on and consisted with some
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and the chief symptoms were a tympanitic abdomen stupor
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adherent to the vessel this is obliterated and the whole
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two thirds of the cornea and as I suspected the iris.
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a Committee before reading it to the Society. Oh Oh
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absence of traces of energetic action for the granulous
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heen appointed Physician to the St. Pancras Royal General Dis
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almost always more acute during the night and would often
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members including president and council four vice presi
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health and well being of society so essentially depend. His labours
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Carlisle anil his colleagues of the Board of Health and to report
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