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Below is a list of this year’s contributors. An asterisk

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or fracture of a bone, and that which, however apparently analogous,

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in a teaspoonful of iced champagne. Sometimes small doses of

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Acute necrosis of pancreas, primary cancer, and diffuse cancer may cause

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The fact that the primary lesion or lesions in pulmonary tuberculosis of

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pyrin and acetanilide or phenacetin, if given in small doses three times

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gradual increase in the extent of the dropsical effusions, and indications of

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ing by such substances in medico-legal practice, and the still greater

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Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, 1908, clviii, 416, 462.

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from suppurative panophthalmitis. Its cause is usually some

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evidently false, a sure passport to fame, wc seldom find

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wards towards the cerebellar fossa, and forwards towards the tympanic

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and was so perfectly restored by massage, with con-

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woman, and do not give rise to any dangerous diseases ; or whether the fungus

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will be a symposium on serum therapy, while about thirty-five excellent

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the treatment of furunculosis and other staphylococcus infections. They have

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stimulus, while the smaller are for the reception of sensory impressions.

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mentioned, also control of the nervous system and the employ-

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may judge, however, both of these were private under-

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The movement to inaugurate a State League for the Suppression

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surrounded by the wet flannels with which the fomentation is

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nisli no reliable data on "whicli to base an estimate of the compara-

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New York, two works on Insanity, by Pliny Earle, M. D., which will

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embryo greatly deformed, representing a stage about three weeks old. The tissues of the

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taken collectively, in speaking, reading, coughing, etc.— toxic

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has the effect, in the early stage, of prevent- 1 tion and to all textures. Unlike sutures

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quent acute congestion ; others attribute it to intermittent hydro-

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the larynx at all but above, and the putting in of the

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review. For once we have a book ostensibly for the practitioner and not

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called Blepharospasmtis^ and it is a spasmodic closure

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glycerine in equal parts, using a teaspoonful to a pint of

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Comments: DEQ would like to help establish a grazing

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Of the utility of water-filtration ample evidence is

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patients who have had near drowning with fresh or salt water

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of various drugs. Subsequently, in a monograph entitled

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Dr. Bray — I cannot answer that. Perhaps the Registrar can answer it.

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