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observed in the urine. It was composed of pus cells without

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friends to remove without further delay the cause which

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magistrates ignore in order to bring discredit on a member of our

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Among the various medicinal agents in the Pharmacopoeia

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before this is tied. It is thus that pain during the operation

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We earnestly trust that some influential members of the

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tion have just been augmented by the munificent donation of.

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an apothecary that he produce a certificate to that effect

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cumulation of pus. Here the diseased membrane of the uterus appears

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producing that nodular h irdening in the course of the

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marry the daughter of an infected wife I feel convinced that

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ing. But when it attacks the limbs it is much modified and

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acts curativel in syphilis and in many other diseases is by

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of slough. Of these cases where the gangrenous termina

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which were so successful at St. Albans have not been with

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sound and the patient feels stronger and better in health

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tive to the disease which he has to treat. The physician can have


dissipated or refractory persons ill calculated for giving fair

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the proposed coercive measures are supported by those graduates

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whom fibrous tumour was found was twenty six and this was the

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all candidates that may enter the Profession compulsorily to undergo

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a loss to know why the investigation should be confined within the

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the interesting fact. But joking apart if there be any

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the large cavity on the right side could not he perceived on

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this muscle is verj often entirely separated from the sternal por

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tormina amp c. and the abdomen was tender and tympanitic. The

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the sum now charged a fair sum for miles. It was below

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state as nearly as possible approximating to that of health

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the Strand Union Workhouse should occupy much time added to

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is true that the description of the appearance of the

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management a safe and harmless measure but the experience of

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patient subsequently had a slight attack of diarrhoea which

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Sbe continued to wear a splint till a Ibrtnight after the accident

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the end of two months it suddenly subsided after the discharge of

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getically press upon your favourable consideration the ab

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canula into the cavity of the abscess. It immediately occasioned a