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barium chloride solution to a 100 ml volumetric flask and

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existing wound or collection of pus in some part of the body. Their chief

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b. Examine a direct smear stained by the gram method.

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Physiological salt, citrated (anticoagulant) 276 378

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characteristic. They are difficult to stain, being stained reddish

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per cent. It is influenced unfavourably by age, social status, family idio-

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hydroxide in 560 ml of water and cool. Dissolve 50 gm

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has particularly called attention to the fact that fever is one

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prove of signal service; so also when symptoms of collapse threaten.

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inated pneumonia of whooping-cough. Extension of a bronchiolitis into

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if the patient is a child 140 cm tall, the correction

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with the common pollens, an extensive assortment of the rare

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become a " doctor." Knowing very little or nothing of the re-

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ammonia is then altered by bacteria, as described under nitrification, and the fatty

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of metastasis in mind. If a focus outside of the lung cannot be

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solution as before, and decant again into the rinsed

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evidence being, on returning to visit the case a second time the

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week of the fever the temperature may show a slightly lower level,

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doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and

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source and agency, and determines corrective measures. The fol-

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so forth, but there is no correlation between natural immunity and this power of

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(2) Inoculate culture media with specimens of food, feces,

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gastritis may be present, and occasionally a croupous colitis, with resultant

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a given light-transmitting medium of equal thickness transmit

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syphilide or smallpox, of glanders or smallpox, and of erysipelas or smallpox.

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Asiatic cholera epidemic. English doctors now in Egypt, as well

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neck." Diphtheria is a not uncommon complication in this form of

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November 1896, a man suffering from typhoid fever was admitted to an

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After some sharp parliamentary practice the roll was called,

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This is a question of morals rather than one of law. The law

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law is to serve as a shield to their less wise fellows. The wisest

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answer to a gentleman who visited him in Paris and congratu-

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acid (sp. gr. 1.72). (If chloride-free sodium tungstate

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In the fall of 1826, he commenced the study of medicine with his brother, Dr.

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tiful sequence of nitric-acid poisoning, in order and regularly, as