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In your original article on this subject on the th of March

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Here the operation presents no more difficulties nor any more

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bad symptoms resulted from any morbid condition of the lungs

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unveil the truth save by angry invective and bitter abuse.

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grounds his conclusions chiefly on the fact that none of those

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second time he came he examined me again he examined my

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savine she returned from her own home some miles distant

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offspring. He considered the fact established that the menUl

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disease. His Mr. Gay s purpose in making these remarks was to

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repeated examinations by them with the speculum where I ascer

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In the evening this patient vomited continually and com

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On a microscopical examination the deposit was found to

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He inquired whether chloroform had been emploj ed asan adjuvant

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face and circumference of all but the most callous of these

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XVI. The President to appoint four Fellows from among

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any of them near the Foss which is a condemned quarter of

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gestion. The cortical part was comparatively pale. The vena

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passed in. The knife is then carried downwards and for

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history of this case is that so slight a local injury as that

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the day on which she aborted. She made two journeys from Probus

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some injurious action is caused by the inhalation and that this

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to again receive her into the hospital. The seat of the second

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have been successfully treated long before the invention of

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Sir Alexander Cocklmm Her Majesty s Attorney General.

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