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quence of the action of the inspired oxygen upon them.

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had given way within his ear. The external meatus and

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the artery a return of which was the cause of death. Dissection

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for the question involves the entire principle of treatment in the

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discreet concessions of some of the avowed friends of

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certainty a successful application for every candid surgeon

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phosphate dissolved in water has no such action but if

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purpose. The subject had recently occupied much of the author s

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divided among the Medical Officers in ordirtary in proportion to

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the rule. On an average of seventeen observations Lee s

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brane is formed therefore there is no necessity for any

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diseases ot the heart come next followed by a single chapter

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theory or practice of surgery. It will no doubt be in the remembrance

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advancing science has suggested. Both to the practitioner

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renders it an admirable medicine in the treatment of some of the disorders

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subject to discharges of blood from diflerent organs occasionally

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nually washed away in the urine sometimes in an entire

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wants of the people will aid in carrying out a great reform

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him I discovered that the urine dribbled away in the night that

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quantity of skin left to cover the wound for although the

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