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ounces of tobacco per week. At the age of forty-four he began to use spectacles

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A CATARRHAL inflammation of localised, generally multiple,

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Although cerebral haemorrhage may be the appanage of advanced age, it

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put upon diuretin, 15 grn., every four hours, two days before

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tinguish from such perityphlitic abscesses. The his-

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from the infected ward contained multiplying spirilla. During epidemics

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Of course Dr. Bennet refers to each and all of the different

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tent of the disease. In cases evidently hopeless the

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The treatment, like that of all other forms of acute inflammation

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the mixture may be injected intraperitoneally into a mouse, the animal

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If the patient is a full-blooded individual, venesection followed by saline

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liquid, or the evacuations may contain clots in more or less abundance.

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