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He has adduced some illustrative instances of atrophy
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the intimal [)roliferation is very striking (fig. 25). A similar instance is
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laxatives; in later stages by nitro-hydrochloric acid. Ab-
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one half of it only to be expended during the present year.
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has especially resulted from incorporating particular and often
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array of testimony in refutation. From what we know of
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the previous symptoms. The only species, indeed, which is said to be
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Apart from the destruction which they effect by absorption, they
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as found in the case of carbon dioxide. The differences are so slight that in a
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characteristic of most nerves of the neduUa oblongata, and such as occurs in no other part
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Kenrasthenic Kephroptosis. — This type of cases is
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guided by general principles, though so far as an eczema is dependent upon
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formed with a 21 per cent mortality, and 142 cecostomies
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that a large share of the responsibility for such consequences must rest
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Ho^tH: H-^triss, L.R.C.P. Edin., Southseafaits, of Guy's
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atrophic areas, or there may be a curious mottled or freckled appearance,
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been mentioned favorably, as a laxative, in the medical literature of the age, by
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Read, C. Stanford. Military Psychiatry in Peace and War
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the right side and a pleuritis on the left." Huss explains the occurrence
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of the inserted silk, the cutting out of the silk from the rubbing
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permanent cure, without further cutting. This is the only case in our
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ance of their duties. Such a law^ is educative in its nature and
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ciple involved is that of capturing the ever-forming
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may be present. The sensibility of the skin to touch and temperature,
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were resorted to, and, as was supposed, with complete results. But
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elays previous to his death, the morning anel evening
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\cai . . . |iiii Hiitci (oiiiuincs. in these academic sui-
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so deficient in intelligence as to greatly lessen his value, even
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batches of animals on successive days, but failed on the third occasion.
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gard to the views of his favorite author. Dr. Manson has hazard-
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troubles, giving health to the sick, sight to the blind, and making
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between the ankle and a level just above the knee, excepting one, which
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am convinced that there occur at least three species of amebas parasitic
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leaves the sciatic nerve it may suddenly appear in the back or
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num is very limited, and does not extend out over the rib
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their public opinion held to be a pathological state.
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aconite the additional sobriquet of Thdiphotion (** female
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cool; the temperature in the axilla 86° C. ; the pulse
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during'^the continuance of fever ; 4th, the neglect
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him with three helpless children on his hands. We can see
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descended to the ischia, and there remained, making a slight
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practice of their calling, to show gratitude toward their teachers, fraternal
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after death presents a deep red colour, which is caused by congestion of