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Primary Infection, as proved by Tertian or Quartan Periodicity or

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depressed. The fifth case had had delirium tremens,

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Bec^uests to Hospitals. — By the will of the late

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of the tuberculous foci, patients siiould be treated

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isual percentage. For this they would take all my bad

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experts have fallen, and to their i)artisanship, which

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plicity itself. In Case 8 a distinct notch was seen

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ased upon a study of the death reports of the city of

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of the pylorus, where either single or multiple (even

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observers fairly uniform, the following rules should

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tary of the Association, and the Honorary Secretary

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The Errors of Accommodation and Refraction of the Eye and

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reaches a vessel. S(;haudinn recently described the

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said Association, for the use and benefit of the said

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find an extensive papillary development. The cells cover-

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Manchester 21.6, Salford 21.9. Bradford 22.3, Leeds 17.8,

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nui-sance. Wet lands in uninhabitated districts are of

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and drained by a wick passing through it. A year later

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that all disease was not renio\ed. One of these died

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Variot & LeMarc Hadour. i^a Tribune Med., October, 1900.

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one years of age and a citizen ; those are practically

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cover of darkness, where they partook of native food

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odour. The pulse was quick ; but there was no pain,

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Solomon Solis Cohen, A.M., M.D, Vol. x. Illustrated. Phila"-

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dren. Especially adapted for the Use of Medical Students.

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leukemia as a result of disease of the bone marrow,

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seven days from May 29, 1903, under paragraph 210 of the

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Fishacher say to Dr. Drew. I shall explain all when I

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tood that typhoid fever and dysentery are far too prev-

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passed assistant surgeon, with rank of lieutenant, junior grade,

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quantity than a person long addicted to its use could

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ment in all that lay nearest his heart ; this son, this

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the cortex, but the reflex stimulus passed the more

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after almost every nursing. The bov.'els were consti-

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that in some of her attacks tlie conjunctiva; were .slightly

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cavity is never wholly out of service, and literally,

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of autopsies by the fact that the visceral pleura is

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in the right side, between the umbilicus and the hip ;

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— Hgb. 25%; red cells, 1,8.50,()()(). Differential count of

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the enforced pursuit of new and less healthful call-

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often the avoirdupois system of weights and measures

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