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valleys, as we have seen when discussing the distribution of heart-dis-

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and transmitted to vast numbers of the population was of immediate

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Dinner will be provided at 5 o'clock precisely. Charge, 5s., ex-

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which the subjects to be demanded shall be more clearly marked out,

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themselves, for men to transfer to the outer world the idea of cause or

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expenditure of the College from Midsummer-day 1S69, to Midsummer-

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" cholera-fungi," in 1S49. These cholera bodies were dismissed by Bal)-,

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Hospital which accommodates not fewer than eighty patients. 3. That

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■dense atmosphere on the coast of Cleveland. Redcar is a good resort

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Chizelles and I went to the gate to meet them, on which they levelled

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lectual competition with one another, and to crown the successful com-

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day, October 3rd, under the presidency of Mr. Prescott Hewett.

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and correspondence with foreign aid societies, and gives directions to

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the scope of inquiry and the methods adopted for obtaining information

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cognise in the spread of disease, in spite of preventive measures, one of the

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used for this purpose ; and the Sanitary Act, as it relates to the use and

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instrument I have already mentioned ; substituting for the silver tube

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biggen the authorities had appointed an inspector of police as inspector

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to pay an additional fee of Five Guineas prior to being again admitted

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has been made too much of. I do not mention this as a fixed opinion ;

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the local societies in regard of the places where, and the manner in

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it was health ; but when any of the minor spirits rebelled, and had to

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was looked upon as a not unworthy successor of the brilliant gatherings

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isation of the Poor-law medical service, and requesting him to allow

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practitioner; but what we can object to is the assumption of title and superior

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Vegetable Physiology ; Zoology. They must show a competent knowledge in all

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fifteen years more. {Laiighler, and Hiar, hear.'\ Dr. Stewart had told

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assumption, pomp of equipage, and extortion, may be checked, if not

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teers"; and he believed that if ever these services shoidd be required

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by no means unusual amongst members of the profession ; it is apt to

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the right arm being black and hairy, and similar patches of various

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Licence of the Royal College of Physicians, London ; the Licence of

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him ; and none is better than our National Aid Society.

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3. Case of Pyelitis from Injuiy. By R. W. Tibbits, M.B.— 4. The

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tumanstadt are arranged as hospitals ; so they have at their disposal

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the affairs of the country." What sort of men were they who came

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lid was thus formed, which was sufficient to protect the eye ; but the

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bers that it was in their hands, and that with them rested the choice,

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four years, was completely closed in a few weeks after a piece of skin of

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Council had not endeavoured to have direct representation made a part

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master and friend. It was all anteversion, retroversion, and prolapsus.

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served cruelty. 3. They all had hallucinations of touch, hearing, and

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specified in Regulations 4 and 5. may commence at any date after his passing the

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As another Medical Bill must be introduced during the next session

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W'e last %veek mentioned that two army medical officers, Staff-Surgeon

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