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its immediate calling at the earliest possible date, in view
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father died from the gastrointestinal intoxication,
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eighty ounces of blood taken from him in the course
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proximately the same time, 24.75 P^*" cent, of them
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rarely attacks both eyes at the same time ; commences in the
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indisputalily a main factor of a big infant mortal-
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system and inflliences the function of the vegetative
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modification in the nuiscles consists of : i, involun-
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racteristic precipitate of copper with this test. Under these circumstances I took
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longed by some poHtical difficulty in confirming his successor —
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mon difficulties in the diagnosis of myxedema. This
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seeking rural locations. Replies have been received
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found in any of those villages that are exempt from Goitre.
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until the reaction is thoroughly established. Where there is no
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liver changes, and these were hardly possible during
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serious results of the sequelae, and the utmost im-
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vaginae were apparently perfectly healthy, both ladies being
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naval establishments, universities, research institu-
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here applied : it is asserted that a coagulable state of the urine
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there may be a delay in the coagulation time of the
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CT-Uses then as the principal reasons for the enor-
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under this classification who are living now and en-
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efficient and extraordinarily intelligent. The dis-
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the extent of £170, followed by large annual subscriptions, and
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paralysis, or bilateral adduction of the vocal cords.
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body cells, leucocytes, enzymes, and antibodies, so
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susceptible to the wiles of women but peculiarly ex-
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warrant the practitioner's hurrying delivery, there being other
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All this, however, needs no legislation. If it is the best method
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* Dr. J. G. Porteous was appointed by the Council, December, 1885, to fill the
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" In other cases, as I havo beforo mentioned, the bronchitis is a
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patient will be striking, and the blood will often be found buffed,
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thin, blackish, parchment like layer. The same pro-
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make such a record as will gain him a speedy release."
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in many cases where tonic and constitutional treatment, judi-