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Waters in October, 1867.— The following are the returns of

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perforation has taken place, referring to acute cases, he believes

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it thinly on a dish and place it in a slow oven ; if put in at night let it remihi mtfl/

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development, so uncertain as to its application, ai.d

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The nematoid intestinal worms possess near allies in the free

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Meligans work, 'On Medicines,' &c, p. 235. According to this, it is a

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the fracture of a rib. — Glasgoio Medical Journal, April, 1862, from Gazette des

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Misce : fiat pulvis. (To be taken for two mornings ia succession,

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equally .successful ; the patient could attend to himself with

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blood-vessels or perivascular lymphatics. He also foimd them in areas

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lower extremities supervened sometimes. The pains brought on pre-

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formed by its self-sacrificing members. To them it was

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a temperature of 120° C; after the completion of the process the disin-

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In the first of these cases, I have little doubt that the ovaries were

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tension, or grunting respirations, or on a neurologic exami-

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loss of blood. The successful result in this case was due to the

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of the disease, and its rapid growth at the last, while a woodcut shows

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the cure of consumption, where the lungs are not completely

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After-progress : Her general condition was fair ; on admission the tempera-

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fuaded, although it perhaps did not meet with the attention it

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corpuscles can hold or the bile remove, so that part of it is carried

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technique as that pursued by the surgeon in cleansing his hands and those of his

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possible chance for his life. Conservatism means operative interven-

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haematosis ; the complexion inclines to sallow, the

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iio in like manner sent me 150 names of pei-sons vaccinated by him in my

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moment must be directed more backwards than is necessary

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the patient — an expression that sounds strangely modem. He did

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ulations, increased by excitement and interrupted only during sleep.

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nificantly writes : " The inquiry naturally suggests it-

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of the hind feet— a phenomenon also observed in the divided

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