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time which did not come for some days after I expected

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of which rendered it somewhat difficult to manage but

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Annual Jleeting of the Governors of this Institution was in reality

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phia of having caused the death of an infant by compelling it to

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the encourapement and kind patronage he has received from the Medical

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formed the middle portion of each straight bundle at length

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enlarged veins over it were conspicuous. The pain was excessive

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and that the remaining thirty four cases occurred during the

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Sir I am well aware that M.B.s of Oxford or Cambridge never assume

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Perspirations have not lessened more emaciated than ever.

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instances in which a very high degree of sensibility may be

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should be applied to the canula and the matter drawn off care

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that patients aff ected with pneumonia and expectorating the

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attack of haeniatemesis every month should she be considered as

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less than yards distant when Mr. Birrell surgeon now

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on more than. for the ensuing year. His circumstances

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all such cases the safer and better course. One cannot be

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a most fallacious mode of argument is even made to stand surety

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befallen them in the hospital but no provision is made.

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of time. In the present case I fiave determined upon

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the pelvis presents some appearances of increased vascular

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pain an increased secretion of urine and a removal of coma

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teeth on the same side accordingly on Thursday February

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uniform compression or support of the limb by means of

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tective influence of still more populous communities and

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Til E Anatomical Lecture. Messrs. Ackermann of the Strand

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improvement was not uninterrupted. The digestive apparatus

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Absolute certainty is not attainable by the pathologist in

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gencies of each individual case. In short our practice ouj t

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men.. s daylight broke they saw at a distance a schooner

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have been committed to a measure which will most certainly

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Mesmer and Colquhoun the Millennium approaches. All

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There was found a carious state of the petrous element ot t left

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I have only to observe that sound physiology will always

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dilatation by belladonna rendering the eye useless.

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At the request of the President Dr. Murphy at once expressed

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obtaining and preserving their active principles. The candidates

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may he given as a powerful uterine stimulant. In such cases it