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ferring the evidence of my own senses at the Small pox Hospital
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WATERS and their Rational EmplojTuent. By SIGISMUND
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possibly they were we require the evidence of the surgeons of the
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we regard it in this instance except in its course of antecedence or
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Tttaz should apply for such information to the Secretary of the Society.
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determined in order to save the woman s character not to
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Tice Crerar appointed to the th Foot. Hospital Staff Assist
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woman who are much given to tea drinking sum up the
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extent it occurred only during the acute attacks which were
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pighian body is not sensibly enlarged but the increased
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The Secretary read the Report of the Council of which the fol
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criminate me is that did not make it publicly known. I told
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pox and Vaccination Hospital. the Metropolitan Con
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modation. The statement is to be transmitted in every such case
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during that time Mr. Coulson has fully availed himself and
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But callous ulcers are not necessarily insensible. Many
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kindness placed before the Fellows aud they might compare it
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this point must have overiooked lesions really existing and this
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in future in such cases medical men should only state facts and
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ceased to apply blisters of the size recommended by him
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caused the movements was the effusion of blood into the left
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Scotch ale a pint of this being commonly taken within a short
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Mr. Solly remarked that if the health and general power of the
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control of a Master who must be a member of the Church
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experienced a sense of something bursting at his fundament
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faint by the loss of blood or has a desire to evacuate on
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present to instance all tlie circumstances to which I consider
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W. Williams from Walworth being altogether thirty Petitions in
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