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place within a few days under treatment with potas-

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rial. Fractures, if they occur, are purely of a secondary nature, for

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6. The Method of hTfection and the Course of Pneumo-

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not difficult ; but syphilis, herpes simplex, and cheilitis grandularis

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Syphilis is now universally credited with being the

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ing Co., or by registered mail, as the publishers are not responsible

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son singular number in this paper will not, I trust,

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the wound-secretions forms a biniodide of mercury from the combination,

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ln.structor in Ophthalmology; CHARLES R. WELFARE, M.D.. Instructor in Clinical Internal Medicine; JOHN C.

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Journal and also in Part I. of the writer's work on Cutaneous Medi-

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The Harvey Lectures. Delivered under the Auspices of

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position that it is a disease of short duration, but with long-drawn-out

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tages. "The literature of experimental physiology is so great," he

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and insisted on by the author. Serum-albumin with hyaline casts,

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Stewart, W. J. S., Acting Assistant Surgeon. Granted

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Capsule, stroma, vascular system, and cystic cavities.

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resonant on percussion, but the occurrence of a pericardial effusion tends to

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agnostic and perhaps also for therapeutic purposes.

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when protected, the temperature rose under the anaesthesia. The with-

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doubted, however, whether detailed consideration of

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must be so movable that it can be drawn down to the vulva does not now

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up diflferent methods, giving less attention to lab-

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Suffering from appendicitis, but without general septic peri-

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a rise of temperature to at least 103° F. Locally, there may be membrane

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the defensive reaction is delayed or inadequate, the

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allegations of its harmlessness have been quite clear-

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causes, corresponding to an annual death rate of 15.43 in

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cance. Is it not po^sible that the low temperature usually ascribed to

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in the camp, and arrangements were made to inoculate such as were willing to

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the production of apparent effects. — Therapeutic Gazette, 1896 No, 11, p. 722.

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School, late of Hong-Kong) had opportunity for studying and recording

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there be a liberal flow of bile, since it is this which

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braska legislature with tuberculin ? Fifty per cent,

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to whether these were acquired or congenital cases.

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A.-C.-E. mixture the temperature continued to fall for some time after

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figure shows the relation of the parts when they were exposed, the

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That only a comparatively small number of the bacilli ingested found their