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Profejior of Physiology in King s College Fellow of the Royal College

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govern them. are questions which I am endeavouring to solve.

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of the uterus and the upper part of tlie vagina were distended with

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few who do not already detect the demerits of the proposed Bill.

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that the food makes blood that blood makes the muscle

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must again beg to request that you will state explicitly when where

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tines within the Abdomen. Dr. Crisp also obtained the same

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the information obtained by the sound the indication was

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organ while if both be diseased menstruation does not occur and

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roused to answer questions which liowever he appeared to

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more extensive data for an opinion and I trust that all

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in consequence of his new appointment is goin to resign that of

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which flowed in a gentle stream of a bright red colour and

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years previously for which she had been severely bled at the time

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the sac. This chapter is the most complete surgical account

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circumstances which experience shows to be necessary for

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the canal all the veins are observed full of blood. Oponing the

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tity of blood until it can be received within the heart.

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divided his volume into three parts in which are respectively con