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right iliac fossa was a liard, smooth, sausage like mass ranning parallel
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In a paper read before the Medico-Legal Society in March last, and pub-
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death on April 12th last— a period of nearly twenty years.
useful to medical men. A special feature in the book is a
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the pulmonary valves could, in many cases, be recognised
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7. Dehydrate and clear in piridin (possibly desirable to pass tliTOi)^t>
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explain whether this is exclusive of " casualties," or if' not,
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omentum over to the right and pass the index and middle
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being traced and destroyed. Tlie second amendment was
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system. In order to provide satisfactorily for the investiga-
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will be struck in particular by the ease with which delivery
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might purchase such meat without knowing it was unfit tor food.
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shrunken gall bladder or in the cystic duet, but where jaundice
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doubted that a method of ventilation by which gaseous
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said that her mother had not looked so well for some years ;
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deaths from small-pox had increased by 50 per cent. In the
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media vessels, and wounding the third part of the duodenum.
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cluding the urethra. The child was immediately and with-
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intend if po'sitile. to he present at the meeting, and if likely to remain
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DORiNC. the year IS92 the daily average number of patients resident ia
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be momentarily interrupted during a fit and be resumed im-
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compilation has been to malse a therapeutical " Hiilfsbuch,"
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sion, and ventures to ask for such a clear expression of your
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found to be true tumour growth. In one case operated upon
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' iistricts, where no sanitary provisions exist, and where the people live,
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and private; A. E. Lovitt, London Hospital; S. J. Meredith, Mason
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the Cervix and impacting the Pelvis, which will be published.
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phoric acid seems to me to quench the craving for fluids-
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Liverpool : and £1,000 to the Brompton Hospital for Con-
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On February 2Gth he complained of pain and distension in