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uric acid calculi ; our resembling in size and form two walnuts united together by b
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termine the amount of food needed to produce growth and development
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As has been mentioned, stimulation of the lower extremity of the
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the same intensity and foulness are occasionally encountered in other
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guaiacolate which significantly stimulates the secretion of respiratory tract fluid. The
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Mrss Jane I. Robertson — A Stiuhj in Self -revelation. 75
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for their support, at those seasons when deer and buffalo were scarce ; for
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Jequirity : its Uses in Diseases of the Skin. By John V.
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of the mucous membrane was healthy. The peritoneal surface
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ing psychology to physical study, and substituting the Ba-
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Morbid Anatomy and Pathological Histology ; tux Special Means and
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141. Also: Med. News, N. T., 1896, Ixix, 69 - 72.—
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the value of water-compresses over the surfaces invaded by the eruption
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rarely disappear spontaneously. Complete excision is the only rem-
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(•2) Lice so infected were able to give the disease to guinea-pigs
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May 3, 1893. — By a four-inch incision parallel to the last
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reaction with cholesteroHzed antigen is a better expression of their
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anaemia, and the presence of severe ursemic symptoms. Acute uremia,
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Sohleneihohungen. Arch, f. klin. Chir., Berl., 1894-5,
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fever and attended witli the expectoratiim of a fibrinous
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with any. The three requisites of any method are relia-
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due to oxidation of indican. When very minute traces of albumin are
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region. The disease, clinically and anatomically, pre
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in this respect in the police force of this city that
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immediately after birth, it should be considered a gonorrheal
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with regularity, and in such quantity as to be readily
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STYLE — Ordinarily articles should not exceed 3,000 words.
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er part of the tumour exposed, until I ascertained that the
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The globulin test which was done in all the cases was positive in
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6. Multii)le ulcerations severe chronic entamebiasis 39
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fluid. There is nothing, however, said as to whether any
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to record the exact number of times such an observation was made
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tried in succession. Of those most likely to be useful, the following nuiy be
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hy itself . By David Prince, M. D., of Jacksonville, Illinois. Read
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cadaveric alkaloids in part or in extetiso. Many of